Sunday, May 08, 2005


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Some day, this blog will be full of stuff. But, as Aragorn yelled, "that is not this day" :)


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Nicoo1 said...

Hi Zap's,
First, i introduce me, i'm nicolas parreira and i'm a french computer graphics.
I'm new with mental ray passes, and i don't understand why render layer doesn't work with Mental ray mia, mia-X or other shader MR.
So i search and i found a lot of thing on the web, the most interesting i found it's on :

So i've understood the foundamentamal purpose of frame Buffer,

So i've a big existencial question, with this simply shader and the output of mia-x i arrive in Maya 2008 to detach the correct passe i want(Spec, reflection....)

But i've a problem, my quick test is based on a simple scene, a sphere on a plane, the 2 object have a different mia shader and so based on the technique i found on the link i post, they have a different Simple shader apply to us and mia are connected to the input of this simple shader,

In other words, in the input color 01 of the 2 simples shaders, i put the out Spec result, in the input color 02, i put the the reflections result of mia-X,
So i don't if it's a mistake of me the result is not perfect, i don't see in the sphere, the specular of the plane in the reflection passe,
So it's me , the simple shader or just a bug or maya 2008 limitations????

In the news revues of Maya 2008, there is an exemple with your robot, without give me you're precious secret can just explain me a basic workflow to detach passes in Maya 2008 with mental ray who work correctly with all MR Shader?? Please??? Perhaps
you've use a hide node in MR For detach you're pass??

(excuse my english...)

Kind regards

Nicolas Parreira