Sunday, September 09, 2007

Taxing taxes....

Don't you love it when you get a letter from the tax guys saying "Give a complete account of absolutely every foreign income you had in 2001". MMmm.

I spent the weekend in Archeology mode. It was interesting, to say the least. Perhaps partially due to how much you FORGET in so few years.

The fact that this was back in the day when I got money from (and anyone who was on THAT ride knows which total mess those guys made of anything involving money) didn't make it easier.... but luckily, I'm of the "never throw away anything" persuasion. (Although I was scared for a while when it turned out that the only copy of a particular Excel spreadsheet only existed on a laptop that was sitting in a pile I was planning to take to electronic recycling.... *eek*)


Thursday, March 01, 2007

I think hell just froze over....

Yes, there is now a Mac Mini in my house.

I thourh that would n e v e r happen.

But it did.

And as a gadget, 'tis spiffy. Connected to an HDTV and the surround system, and my in house network, and it's a kicker assery little media device.

As a *computer*, though? Well, under all that fisher price glitz is an actual unix kernal, so it's not all bad.... if things could only stop whizzing, wirring and have bevveled glitzy edges. *eeek*