Friday, October 27, 2006

Awrighty then.... right?


It seems my webpage is back in business. I've re-engineered it for the new server, although the boys and girls over at Lysator are still tinkering under the hood... so... with my luck.... the minute after I post this "the site seems to be working" announcement, it prossibly isn't. LOL ;)


The site should now work. So if you DO find something that don't woik... let me know, please.

Also, if you find old junk that needs tidying out, let me know. It's time for a spring cleaning, methinks.

Alas, I ramble. And don't I always.

Next time I may blog about something actually interesting.....

Until then... *knock on wood*


Saturday, September 02, 2006

So Zap, Whats Up With Your Webpage?

Here's the deal on my webpage.

It's hosted by Lysator, an "academic computer society". Back in the day, being in an "academic computer society" was one of the few ways to get to actually touch a computer... or to get online at a reasonable price... or get nice bandwidth at a reasonable price...

...well, those days are kinda gone. Everyone has megabits in the wall and multiple computers in the house.

So Lysator membership is kinda down. And most importantly, the people who "run the ship"
all tend to be the "old foxes", some 35+ guys w. kids and a job who used to go to that university and has kinda inherited some "root" privileges to handle the machines.

These guys deserve all the credit, but they are volounteers. And when a catastrophic failure happens.... it's really hard to get stuff up again. BUT IT IS NOW UP.

So, zap, if the server is UP, wft isn't your webpage running?

Well, I have a problem. You see, some guys from Lysator wrote their own webserver... roxen (see for details) and I always used the RXML extensions for it to do "cool stuff" on my webpage.

Some years ago I made a major overhaul, and wrote the entire webpage in RXML templates. GREAT. But... I wrote it for Roxen 1.3, which, admittedly, was kinda outdate already then. Silly me, because Lysator was planning to run the 1.3 compatibility module... so I was okay... right?

Well, now, three collapsed web server machines later (total hardware meltdown), they have finally set up a machine that runs... but ONLY Roxen 4.5 ... so my pages use ALL the wrong types of incompatible macros and stuff. So my pages are kinna dead.

When I find time... I'll work on it. I don't have time now.