Friday, April 15, 2011

My Metabolic Experiment

I've been doing a "metabolic experiment" in the last few months, and the outcome has been quite nice. It all started when I stood on my old rusty scale after Christmas and went "oy". Plus, I had heard from some people like @jocke about the nerdy WiFi connected scale from WiThings, which can post your weight on twitter!

So I thought - this is my opportunity to a) buy a nerdy toy b) apply external pressure (my twitter audience) and c) go down in weight.

It also happened that, by some other friends, I was handed the book "Why We Get Fat (and what to do about it)" by Gary Taubes, and it was a bit of a revelation.

Well, the result, anyway, can be seen here:

Yes, this is updated in realtime as I weigh myself.

I've been asked by people what I do, and the easy answer is that after reading Gary's book I stumbled into the hitherto-unknown (to me) world of "LCHF", which stands for "Low Carb, High Fat" (although to not scare people who still thinks fat is dangerous, you can just call it "Low Carb").

Being a Swede, I'm surprised I *hadn't* heard about it, though, because as it turns out the whole "LCHF" movement is the strongest in Sweden, and a recent poll showed a lot of adherents to the "eating style".

The cool thing with this "diet" is that you eat as much as you like (until you feel full) of a LOT of Yummy stuff. What about a steak, drenched in garlic butter? No problem. Cheese molten over broccoli? Perfect. Whipped cream with chipped hazelnuts? Lovely.

Just don't touch that french fry. Or put bread under your cheese. Or have any sugar in that whipped cream.

Basically, DON'T eat or drink:
  • Anything with sugar in it
  • Anything made from flour (bread, pasta, etc.)
  • Anything containing starch (potatoes)
Yep - it's the carbs. Those evil carbs. Especially those in liquid form (so it's bye-bye to beer, except on "occasions"). Our body isn't evolved to even comprehend that energy comes by drinking. We are evolved to drink to supply hydration, and the regulartory systems that says "that is enough" only triggers on hydration, and there is no "fullness" after drinking, even though some beers are - literally - a whole meal in themselves (I had a dark Leffe at last end user event, and I'm never doing that again, it's a beer you should eat with a spoon).

Secondly, the carbs make you hungrier, and lack of carbs makes you more satisfied, which makes you eat WAY less often, and WAY smaller amounts. So it's not that calories "don't count", it's simply that YOU don't have to "count calories". Just eat, and as long as you don't eat carbs..... voila.

It's worked out okay for me, anyway. And trust me, the cravings for sweets go away. You can eat cheese cubes or Macadamia nuts instead for a "snack".

The biggest thing w. this diet is the satiety (you never need to go hungry, as a matter of fact, you go non-hungry for hours on it), and the amount of completely delicious food you can just chow down with no remorse (things that most other diets would have a big red "no no" sign on. Such as using whipped cream in your coffee).

If you are curious about this LCHF stuff, you can go to Mattias "Diet Doctor" Ernfeldts blog, available in a

Have fun.